Why i joined the army

The army is a key component of the us armed forces, providing expeditionary land forces wherever and whenever they are required working in conjunction with the us department of defense, the . As my father is an army person , so whenever i tell him that “dad i want to join indian army” the shine in his eyes motivates me every time and i can't cheat myself and my dad so this is the right place for me . I know you've been asked the question, why did you join the military i have, and just recently thought about my answerto be quite frank, my initial reason for joining the military was selfish. So there they are, 5 reasons you shouldn’t join the military it’s not too late to change your mind though, if you want to take advantage of any of these military benefits or the numerous other benefits the military has to offer, you need to talk with a recruiter. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place get a constantly updating feed of breaking news, fun stories, pics, memes, and videos just for you passionate about something niche.

Military service is a “lifeline” for some americans, the researchers note, citing one single mother who joined “just because i had my son and i needed the benefits, i guess you could say”. Guys/gals of r/military why did you join edit: thanks everyone for all the answers regarding why you joined special thanks to uncle_bill for. Why i joined the army first off i joined the military to improve myself physically and mentally before i joined the military i used to be 260 lbs of fati was a lazy teenager that didn't do a single sport, didn't care about a thing in the world, never respected my parents, didn't want to do to college because i was socially awkward, never finish a what i started, gave up on everything when it . In the past, military service was not unusual nearly everyone had someone in their family who had taken the oath of enlistment, donned a service uniform and struck out in service to the country everyone supported the troops, because nearly every single person had a loved one fighting somewhere .

Why do people join the army there are loads of possible reasons why individual people join the army, but here is a list of 10 of the most common motivations behind joining: 1. So why don’t you tell me already if i should join the army or not unfortunately this is a decision only you can make it is definitely something you need to carefully consider since joining the military will have a significant effect on your future life, for the better or for the worst in the end only you can decide. Lesson on reasons why people joined the roman army, sorting and prioritsing exercise. 10 awful things about the army no one tells you 10 identity theft is a threat to soldiers, and it's equally as bad for veterans why join a military that doesn . 11 reasons why to join the navy i have seen some people join the military and it has completely taken over their minds and they became this new version of .

Take the tragic example of sgt paul cortez, who graduated in 2000 from central high school in the working-class town of barstow, calif, joined the army, and was sent to iraq on march 12, 2006, he participated in the gang rape of a 14-year-old iraqi girl and the murder of her and her entire family. Joining the military is nearly always a life defining decision your greatest opportunity for a successful enlistment or longer career will suffer if you have been “talked into” joining make sure you can articulate the basis of your desire to join and then be confident in your decision to meet with a recruiter. I joined the army because i had the temerity to think i could lead men and women in combat by the grace of god, and with the helping hands and sometimes harsh but always supportive actions of some amazing non-commissioned officers and some hard working enlisted men and women, i had the honor to do just that.

Why i joined the marines i appreciate honesty the army recruiter (where all the other members of my family had served) seemed like he was trying to sell something he didn't have. In this video, i talk about 6 reasons to not join the military definitely, joining the services is a very honorable thing to do however, there are a great reasons to join but also great reasons not to join the services. The top 10 reasons to join the military people join the army or another branch in the military for many reasons here are the top ten. Why did you join the military why did you leave: i sought a commission because i felt called to serve on 9/11/01 i was in the seventh grade attending class in northern virginia.

Why i joined the army

So why do people make that decision to join the military during my 25-years of military service, i’ve talked to a lot of soldiers i served 3 years as a recruiter. There are many benefits of joining the roman army first of all, it is a great job you will receive 300 denarii a year after your 20-25 years of service, you will have your choice of land or 3,000 denarii. While only a very few men rose through the ranks to become officers, this type of advancement was a real reason for some to join the army in a nation with a thriving middle class, there were many young men with the education and intelligence to fill important posts, but who lacked the means or connections to enter the army with a commission.

As dangerous as military service can be, the greater danger is living a life without risk, without sacrifice. And so early last year saw me enrolled as a fighting soldier in kitchener’s army i learnt my trade in the barrack square of buttevant, co cork. If you didn't pick the us army that day you walked through your local strip mall mulling over which branch to choose, then you missed out let's face it the demonym most people use for troops and service members is soldier. The one main reason i want to join the british army, is to be the best or one of the best at what i do, plus my love for the army and things military so i know why i want to join i just want to know what drive or drives other people to join.

At first, joining the army was not seen as so dangerous a profession, particularly because people believed the war would be over quickly as the stalemate developed and the death toll rose, however, men and women that enlisted into the army joined for more sobering reasons. Join the army and if you see anything other than that write an article about it if you hear someone say communism doesn't work you tell them to join the army yes, i know the army is not a nation but a government entity with an unlimited budget.

why i joined the army This is why i joined the military raw and uncut storytime if you're reading this comment  thanks for serving our country subscribe for more pranks, super l. why i joined the army This is why i joined the military raw and uncut storytime if you're reading this comment  thanks for serving our country subscribe for more pranks, super l. why i joined the army This is why i joined the military raw and uncut storytime if you're reading this comment  thanks for serving our country subscribe for more pranks, super l.
Why i joined the army
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